Domestic Registration

Dot Important Dates
Early-bird Registration Deadline : April 30 (Mon), 2018
Pre-registration Deadline : June 30 (Sat), 2018
Dot How to Complete Payment by Credit
Recommended Browser : MS-Explorer
Required Setting : Turn-off Pop-Up Blocker (Go to Turn-off Pop-up)

When making registration with payment by credit, the payment module (add-on) will appear. However, some browsers which do not allow the pop-up or active-x module may not show the add-on. Note that this system is to prevent any credit card crime.
Note that the onsite registration cannot be refunded once it made.
Dot Domestic Registration
구분 사전등록 On Site-registration
Early-bird Registration
(By April 30)
(June 30)
국내 일반 (전문의, 일반의, 교수) KRW 250,000 KRW 300,000 KRW 350,000
전공의, 대학원생, 간호사 KRW 130,000 KRW 150,000 KRW 200,000
비회원 KRW 300,000 KRW 350,000 KRW 400,000
학생 KRW 80,000 KRW 90,000 KRW 100,000
* 학생은 신분증 지참 및 확인
* 는 필수 입력란 입니다.
Country (국가)
First Name (영문 이름)
Last Name (영문 성)
성명 (국문)
Position (직책)
Gender (성별)
소속 (국문)
Affiliation (영문)
Department (부서)
8월 24일
Welcome Reception
Address (주소) 우편번호 :
E-mail (이메일)
Phone (전화)
Mobile (모바일)
FAX (팩스)
Others (기타)
*Gala Dinner (August 25) USD 60/ KRW 60,000
Registration Fee KRW
Total KRW
Remitter (송금인)
Remittance date (송금일)