There are nine lines within Seoul, which also link Seoul to satellite cities like Incheon, Uijeongbu, Suwon, and Ansan. Some lines, such as Line 1, run along the north-south axis, while others, such as Line 5, run east-west. Line 2, is a circular line that crosses the Han River twice. Please visit for more information.
Base fare for 12km 19 years and older 13-18 years old 7-12 years old
Transportation Card 1,050 KRW 720 KRW 450 KRW
Cash 1,150 KRW 1,000 KRW 450 KRW
Free for children 6 years or younger. An additional 100 KRW is charged every 5 kilometers for total distances exceeding 10 kilometers. An additional 100 KRW is charged for every 10 kilometers for total distances exceeding 40 kilometers

Subway Access
Hoegi Station, Dark Blue Line #1, is the nearest subway station to Kyung Hee University. Use Exit #1. From Hoegi station, visitors can walk to the campus or take a maeul bus (minibus), which costs 750 KRW using the T-Money Card or 850 KRW in cash.
Kyung Hee Medical Center Bus Stop
- Dongdaemun 01: Kyung Hee University - Hoegi Station
- Kyung Hee University Bus Stop
- 201: Sutaek-dong - Seoul Station
- 273: Jungrang Bus Depot - Donggyo-dong

Hwikyung Market Bus Stop
- 1222: Wolgye-dong - Yongdu-dong
- 120: Ui-dong Bus Terminal - Cheongnyangni Transfer Center
- 147: Wolgye-dong - Dogok-dong
- 261: Jangwi-dong - Yeoido
From Incheon International Airport to Kyung Hee University Seoul Campus

Take airport bus 6011 from Incheon International Airport bus stop 12A to the Samseongyo, Hansung University bus stop. Transfer to blue bus 273 and get off at the Kyung Hee University bus stop.

Take the airport line subway towards Seoul Station in front of Incheon International Airport exit 3. Transfer to subway line 1 to Hoegi Station. Take mini bus 01 to Kyung Hee University from exit 1.